IEMC Featured STANG May 2015
Ron and Diane's Classy '07


 In Ron's words:

     Here's a story about our car and some pictures attached.

I never really had a mustang until Diane and I got married back in 1972. She had a 1967 coupe and believe it or not we sold it back then for $900. My first car in 1969 was a 64 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe, and it was a great car. My brother (Ken) had a few mustangs back then and I have always liked them.

We bought our son a 1978 mustang back when he was in school and it was handed down to his younger brother. When he wanted a truck instead of a car, he sold it to our next door neighbor for his
daughter to drive. So that car got a lot of use.

Then in 2003, I bought a black 1998 mustang to have a nice sporty looking car to drive to work, except in the winter. When they changed the design back to the older style, I had to have a new one.

So in May of 2007, I was driving by Wendle's and they had a bunch of new mustang's they had just got in. It was a Friday afternoon and I spent alot of time dealing with the salesman and the sales manager. I told him about another car I had bought in the past and that sales manager let me take it home for the night to see how it looked at my house. So he let me take it home. Diane saw me coming down the street and pulling into our driveway. She was all excited and asked if I had bought the car. I told her, not until tomorrow.

It just happened it was Mother's Day weekend and I told our neighbor to come over and see what I bought Diane for Mother's Day. (Just a joke). So the next day I went back to Wendle's and bought it.

We have really enjoyed our mustang and taken it to the Oregon Coast, Canada, Montana and a few other trips. I was very nervous drilling holes in the hood when I added the hood scoop, but it came out fine. It's been fun being part of the mustang club and the plan now is maybe in 2017, we would like to get a 2015.

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