The Inland Empire Mustang Club invites all enthusiasts to join us. You don't have to own a Mustang, just be ready for fun and be interested in the love and enjoyment of the American Pony Car. 

    Dues:  $25.00 per year. This includes all family members residing with you.  However, for voting purposes, only two family members may vote.  There's no limit to the number of Mustangs, Shelbys or other Ford powered automobiles owned.  Dues are prorated, based on when you join the club.

    Our club is proud to be a chartered regional group of the Mustang Club of America (MCA).  We encourage membership in the MCA also as it's an excellent non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of ALL Mustangs. To learn more, click on "Join the MCA".


Membership: Nadine Smith  Phone: (509) 999-6617   Email:

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