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Founded in 1983 we are oldest and largest Mustang Club in Eastern Washington

'Stang(s) of the Month June 2022 - Vicki Magee's 1969 Coupe & 2001 Bullitt GT

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Vicki Magee's 1969 coupe in factory Royal Maroon with white vinyl top and interior. 

I have been infatuated with Mustangs ever since I went out on a date my senior year in high school 50 years ago.  My date drove a 1968 California Special in red. He never did ask me out again as I believe he noticed that I paid more attention to his car than him. 


Two years later when I was out on my own and saving up money, I had saved $1,000 to put down on a bran new 1974 Mustang 11 Ghia.  I had ordered it from the factory in the blue color I loved.  The price was $3,995. It definitely wasn't like the 60's Mustangs I loved and certainly less power, but I didn't care and loved that car and owned it for 10 years.  

I decided it was time to get one of the older styles of Mustangs that was dear to my heart and I found a 69' in the newspaper in 1987 for sale by a lady that had only owned it for 6 months and an old judge had owned before that.  I bought it from her for $4,500 and have owned it ever since. The car has the original warranty card in the glove box still and after my Stang was all restored and gorgeous, I drove to the address of the original owner on the warranty card to show him "his" Mustang.  There was no answer at the door so I was disappointed and left a note on the door.  He maybe didn't live there anymore either. 


It currently has 76,000 miles on it and we had it restored about 20 years ago.  Mostly, the only original interior is the rim blow steering wheel, the carpet, headliner, am radio and dash.  The engine is a 2-barrel small block and has the original 351 W engine with automatic transmission.  According to the Marti Report it is 1 of 299,039 Mustangs produced in 1969.


My husband, God rest his soul, and I had owned 6 Mustangs throughout the years including his 2000 SVT Cobra R. We had made the best of memories with that car while in the IEMC from 2001-2005.  After Bill passed away in 2020, I decided it was time for me to re-join the club and participate in some of the activities again.