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Founded in 1983 we are oldest and largest Mustang Club in Eastern Washington

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'Stang of the Month November 2021
Scott & Merilee's 65 Falcon Sprint

My interest in the Ford Falcon automobile began when I was 9 years old.  In the autumn of 1960, my Grandpa stopped by our house with a brand new 1961 Falcon 4 door.  I was very excited to sit in his new car and “drive” it for hours.  When in high school and after earning enough money to buy my own car, I had desired a Mustang.  When comparing prices, I found the Falcon Futura/Sprint was always a little less money but offered about the same features and performance.  That’s when in 1968 I bought a ’65 Futura 2dr. hardtop with a 289 V-8 and a C4 automatic with bucket seats.  I kept that car until just after my first son was born in 1984 when it was sold to purchase a pickup.  My interest in the Falcon never waned and I have had two others prior to purchasing this current ’65 Sprint in the photos.  This Sprint was purchased in May 2020 from a classic car dealer in Michigan.  I am told a total restoration was completed about 13 years ago.  It is a 4 speed car with a modified 289 including a performance cam, aluminum heads, 4bbl carb and headers.  The brakes have been converted to 4 wheel discs and it has a traction lock rear end.  The data plate indicates it was an original Wimbledon White car with a two-tone blue interior.  It has since been changed over to an all black interior.  We have enjoyed taking rides in this Sprint and receive many ‘thumbs-up’ from folks.  I’ve enjoyed doing ‘fix-ups’ and look forward to placing it in a few shows in the future.