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Founded in 1983 we are oldest and largest Mustang Club in Eastern Washington

                              'Stang of the Month May 2024 - Tim Cleray's 1965 Coupe                                 

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On Tuesday October 27th, 1964, My Dad took delivery on His new 1965 Mustang. It was delivered by Stuart Wilson Ford in Dearborn Michigan. My Dad was a chassis engineer at Ford and had been able to watch as the car rolled down the assembly line at The Rouge Plant.

It was Vintage Burgundy with a Palomino interior. The ribbed sections of the seats were finished in Nylon instead of the customary vinyl. I have seen the option listed in the 1965 Ford Buyers guide, but I have never seen another one like it. I was told by a Mustang parts dealer in Pennsylvania that it was only offered on cars built at the Rouge Plant, and

was only available in Palomino or black. The factory options he ordered were ...

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