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Founded in 1983 we are oldest and largest Mustang Club in Eastern Washington

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'Stang" of the Month November 2022 - Candido & Marla's 67 Coupe

         I started getting into Mustangs in High school with my friends. About 15 years ago I saw a 1967 Mustang in someone's backyard in Cheney. I approached the owner and asked if he would be interested in selling the Mustang and he agreed. So, I purchased it for $2000.
        It was pretty rusted and needed a lot of work. I reached out to a friend of mine who was a mechanic and he decided to take on the job of restoring it. He worked on it in between his full time job so it took a while to get it finished.

       I am really happy with his work and I am excited to be a part of the Mustang club.

Candido and Marla Arellano