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Page 2 - 'Stang" of the Month  December 2022 -  Ed and Jane's 08 GT/CS

             For a long time I wasn't sure if I had a Premium or a Deluxe. My car has so many add on’s it truly was difficult to determine what it was. Finally, the right knowledgeable site members guided me in the right direction: it's a Deluxe. 

        We’ve (Jane has) always named our cars and keeps asking me what name I’m going to give our Mustang. Most of you know Mustangs are known as a “Pony car”. The man reason is the Mustang first came out and the Mustang name was selected, it really was patterned after the Mustang fighter plane. But Ford, rightly so, selected the Mustang Pony image as the Icon.       

       So, Mustangs are known as the Pony car. The Mustang image is found In a number of areas on the car including in the windshield. So, going back to finding the perfect name for our car; after three years, we’ve come up with a name… Jane and I love English, Scottish and Irish movies, particularly the old days when everyone is riding in a carriage, cart or plowing a field. To get the pony moving the operator says “Walk on”. Thus, the name of our car.
     We hope to be active in the group, but we are in Hope, ID and they’re already spraying the roads for ice. The Mustang is put away until spring. There’s at least eight to ten Mustangs running around up here. I will display the Club Emblem and hopefully get others interested.


Ed and Jane Gould

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