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Page 3 - 'Stang" of the Month October 2022 - Marty and Tami's 1998 Cobra Convertible

        Life and careers have a tendency to alter things, and in 1985 we sold our beloved "Misty Blue" in favor of a more family-oriented and economical car. We left the IEMC since we no longer owned a Mustang, but our short time with the club remains a source of great memories for us. I spent 20 years in law enforcement and EMS before changing careers in 2004 to assume the role of over-the-road truck driver, and I was forced to retire a couple of years ago because of health reasons. Tami has been a small business owner (convenience store) and is currently working remotely from home for a financial institution. Tami and I have been together 44 years (43 years married).  


       In 2017, I got back into the classic car hobby. I get teased a lot because I have a tendency to trade cars to the point where my friends threatened an intervention, but in July of this year we purchased our '98 SVT Cobra convertible. It was a one owner car and only had 66K on the clock at the time of purchase. The color is somewhat rare. It's called, "Bright Atlantic Blue" and was only used for 2 years on the Mustang Cobra. Of the 3480 SVT Cobra convertibles produced in 1998, only 224 were painted this color. The car is an absolute kick in the butt to drive. It handles incredibly well, and the exhaust note gets your attention. The previous owner bought a tonneau cover to delete the rear seat and gives it a roadster look reminiscent of the Thunderbirds of 1962 and '63. When the cover is removed, we have the vinyl boot to cover the convertible top.  I do believe we have found our perfect car. It checks all the boxes. We've nicknamed this Mustang, "Misty Blue ll". 


We're so grateful and honored to return to the IEMC after so many years, and we look forward to many more years of making new memories and new friends.    

Mary and Tami Lawrence

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